Welcome to Bikerchris.co.uk, please be assured it’s not all about bikes, OK! You’ll see no motorcycle racing results or observations, or any ‘news’ on repetitive events, just stuff and things that either cross my mind or that I’d just like to pass onto the glorious internet. Part of me wishes to apologise in advance, as the internet probably contains around 5% in actual useful information, around 60% absolute crap and 35% opinion.

I am curious what will become of the internet by the year 2070, as I approach my inevitable natural life termination (if I live that long!). I wonder if people will begin to reflect upon the cost of storing all of the surplus data around the worlds web servers. One day there may even be a culling of information pertaining to less informative and historic content, such as the Facebook update of, “I’m going out tonight, can’t wait!”.