freecycle-get-free-things-locallyIt’s been around for many years now, but it’s quite a good idea – the idea is, the website is clunky to operate, but what do you expect when no one is making money! Anyway, there are Freecycle¬†groups all through the UK (and possibly the world), for instance there are groups in Tonbridge & Tunbridge Wells.

You can use this site if you want to get rid of something quick, like some furniture, but anything really – I’ve seen jam jars and cutlery on there, which is perfect for new home owners on a budget. I’ve known friends to almost completely furnish their new home with Freecycle, because their ideal house was out of the budget, but they just had too!

The other side of this website coin is to find something you want, and there are so many random items, it’s recommended to visit the site, before you go on other websites such as ebay, amazon and your normal ‘go to’ websites.

And in case you don’t understand, ALL items listed on Freecycle¬†is FREE, there are no costs other than the fuel to collect something. So why not save some landfill content, do someone a favour, or get something that you want but can’t normally afford.