Final Ride for 20 year old biker, Sam

Calling all bikers. We have been contacted by the family of a young lad called Sam, aged 20, who very sadly lost his life recently in a motorbike accident. They want to get as many bikers as possible to ride from the family home near Aldershot to the crematorium. So if you can spare an hour or so on wed 11th the address is Lower Weybourne Lane, Farnham GU9 9HL. If you can share this post I am sure many will respond and your efforts will be really appreciated by his family. You will need to be there at 11.30am Thank you.

The Bike Experience – helping disabled motorcyclists to ride again

the bike experience

It’s intrinsic in us all that we are closest to subjects that we can relate to the most, tragic but it’s true. After my motorcycle accident in which I nearly lost my leg, and very nearly my life, I’m more conscious of good causes that help the alternative outcome of my life. It took 25 hours of surgery, 2 years of physio’ and hydrotherapy and 18 months on crutches, but eventually I got back in the saddle. That first 100 yards back on two wheels, at that moment, made me genuinely feel like the happiest man alive. Of course the bike broke down a few days later, but that’s besides the point. It also can’t be underestimated how important it is to have supportive friends, family and a perfect girlfriend, they’re impact on rehabilitation can not be measured.

So of course when I noticed The Bike Experience on Twitter, I didn’t hesitate to send them a token donation. They seem like a fantastic organisation and I wish them continued success in helping disabled riders get back in the saddle. It’s a truly honourable cause, where money raised goes directly towards getting people riding again, doing what they love and leaving the past in the past.The Bike Experience – helping disabled motorcyclists to ride again

If you know of someone that could do with their help, and no doubt their commitment and motivation, do remember them. Of course I hope anyone riding a bike never needs them, but at least if they do, The Bike Experience are ready to help and do their utmost to get some bugs in your teeth again.

So as I said at the beginning, if you know a biker, whether or not they’re disabled, do make a little donation (just £1). Of course if you’re more of a car driver and despite that make a donation, I take my hat/helmet off to you sir/madame as you’ve gone against human nature. To make a quick and convenient donation of £1, Just send a text to 70070 with the words, “TBEX13 £1“.

Keep the rubber side down everyone.

The Bike Experience is a registered charity, number 1145547

The Bike Experience is a registered charity, number 1145547

Motorcycle Stolen from No Limits Track Days, St. Albans – HELP

Re-posted from Fastlane Motorcycles news feed:

We have had a request from a customer, who last week had his garage broken in to and his bikes stolen, the others are not as important but without his race bike, he is now unable to take part in the No Limits racing or afford to replace. As it was a race bike, there was no insurance in force so a total loss.

If anybody has any information to help recover the bike, please get in touch.

Contact details can be found here, at No Limits Track Days.

Items included;

  • Maxton GP10 Rear shock, only ten sold
  • KTech Font fork internals
  • 16.5″ PVM Wheels with Galfer Wavy Discs, Gold Talon sprocket and Gold Renthal chain.
  • Underslung rear Brake caliper with Brembo caliper. Reservoir removed and Green tube fitted.
  • R & G Engine casings covers
  • Woodcraft Engine crash bobins
  • Renthal Clipons
  • Brembo Master cylinder RCS with flip up lever.
  • Braided lines
  • Pazzo stubby levers
  • GPR Steering Damper Black
  • HM Quickshifter
  • Lightech Rear sets
  • Power commander
  • Full Akrapovic Race exhaust carbon can, slight crack in carbon hanger.
  • Diamond pro quick release fuel cap.

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Mud thrown at motorcyclist (Or may be not)

dead birdRiding North bound through the beauty that is Crowborough in East Sussex (see ‘Irony‘), I was riding at around 30mph…it was a 30 zone after all and I was feeling angelic. Suddenly, a solid fist sized object struck the front of my crash helmet and with an open visor, it would have hit me in the face if it weren’t for the shades I was wearing. My first thought turned to anger and then the assumption that children were having a retarded moment and had thrown a lump of mud at a motorcyclist. I turned around as soon as it was safe to, went back to the scene of the crime and saw no children, and no one just ‘hanging around’ with dried mud in their hands. Bizarre. Then I spotted something on the road…ummm, a brownish coloured dead bird about the size of a fist, then noticed the power lines directly above it. I was lead to the assumption that the bird fell off the over head lines (probably received a TAX demand), then ricocheted off the windscreen of an oncoming car, and consequently hit me.

In quite a few years on two wheels, I have to say that was a first!

Disclaimer: Birds were killed in the making of this blog post.

Polish tyre company Oponeo delivering vehicle tyres to the UK (Positive Review)

oponeo_tyres_website_screenshotA friend told me about this strangely named company called , he oddly thought they were from Holland, but they weren’t. So I wondered over to there website and had a butchers.


Very nicely laid out and easy to use.

I gave them a punt and for £194 (inc. delivery, VAT and all extras – not hidden at all), I got one of each of the following:

Bridgestone BT 023 120/70ZR17 (58 W) Front TL M/C
Bridgestone BT 023 180/55ZR17 (73 W) Rear TL M/C


After the usual email notification, I received other emails stating delivery tracking links. Has to be said, these sent me to a very Polish website which google had to translate for me, but it was obvious enough with time and dates.

I also received a text message (SMS) at 8am on the day of the delivery, stating the estimated delivery time slot of between 3-4pm that day. It included the drivers name and ‘text back’ options to re-arrange delivery to a neighbour or deliver the following day, or day after.


A friendly pole’ in a large white transit van, nearly just left a card in my door, before deciding to venture into the back garden where I was sitting patiently in the sun (having taken the day off for the delivery). Nice round black things successfully delivered 🙂


Paid for them late on a Friday afternoon, received them on the following Wednesday afternoon. So I received them on technically the 3rd working day, that’s not bad at all.


As you can imagine, they get 10/10 in my books.