Final Ride for 20 year old biker, Sam

Calling all bikers. We have been contacted by the family of a young lad called Sam, aged 20, who very sadly lost his life recently in a motorbike accident. They want to get as many bikers as possible to ride from the family home near Aldershot to the crematorium. So if you can spare an hour or so on wed 11th the address is Lower Weybourne Lane, Farnham GU9 9HL. If you can share this post I am sure many will respond and your efforts will be really appreciated by his family. You will need to be there at 11.30am Thank you.

The Bike Experience – helping disabled motorcyclists to ride again

the bike experience

It’s intrinsic in us all that we are closest to subjects that we can relate to the most, tragic but it’s true. After my motorcycle accident in which I nearly lost my leg, and very nearly my life, I’m more conscious of good causes that help the alternative outcome of my life. It took 25 hours of surgery, 2 years of physio’ and hydrotherapy and 18 months on crutches, but eventually I got back in the saddle. That first 100 yards back on two wheels, at that moment, made me genuinely feel like the happiest man alive. Of course the bike broke down a few days later, but that’s besides the point. It also can’t be underestimated how important it is to have supportive friends, family and a perfect girlfriend, they’re impact on rehabilitation can not be measured.

So of course when I noticed The Bike Experience on Twitter, I didn’t hesitate to send them a token donation. They seem like a fantastic organisation and I wish them continued success in helping disabled riders get back in the saddle. It’s a truly honourable cause, where money raised goes directly towards getting people riding again, doing what they love and leaving the past in the past.The Bike Experience – helping disabled motorcyclists to ride again

If you know of someone that could do with their help, and no doubt their commitment and motivation, do remember them. Of course I hope anyone riding a bike never needs them, but at least if they do, The Bike Experience are ready to help and do their utmost to get some bugs in your teeth again.

So as I said at the beginning, if you know a biker, whether or not they’re disabled, do make a little donation (just £1). Of course if you’re more of a car driver and despite that make a donation, I take my hat/helmet off to you sir/madame as you’ve gone against human nature. To make a quick and convenient donation of £1, Just send a text to 70070 with the words, “TBEX13 £1“.

Keep the rubber side down everyone.

The Bike Experience is a registered charity, number 1145547

The Bike Experience is a registered charity, number 1145547