I was riding at around midnight last night via Rotherfield, through Frant and onto Tunbridge Wells when I saw a branch that had fallen on the road, right of the centre of the lane. I missed it by having good observation and a highbeam on, and thought it was the right thing to do, to turn around and take it off the road. As I parked up, to the left of the branch and within the normal tyre tracks of cars were two massive potholes at least 3 inches deep and over 3-4 feet long and a minimum of a foot wide. I was in complete disbelief that something like that could be forgotten or ignored and here are my immediate thoughts (please note this is not words for children’s eyes).

Well done for reading this, even though it doesn’t have a picture or some video to keep you mentally occupied. Yes I’m afraid you’ll have cope with those word things, that when put in a row are supposed to make some sort of sense. Please, bare with me if you can.

Don’t you fucking dare take this as another “Angry from Tunbridge Wells”, you should be ashamed of yourselves if you work for the council in ANY department. Yes you do your job because it pays for your families existence and all the shit that’s required of us these days. It should be more than that and if I worked for the council, I would hide my face in public if I was even vaguely in a position to easily report problems I see on PUBLIC roads paid with PUBLIC money.

But to think that with all the people working for the council, using the roads in council vehicles along with everyone else, not one lazy fucker made a quick note of the location of the potholes and let the right department know. What the hell is wrong with you people, do the rest of us have to pick up your fucking slack? So maybe you don’t get the credit, can you just let your ego let that slide just a few times?!? Don’t trick us into a false sense of security by having miles of quality tarmac, to then either fuck us or our vehicles. Either keep all the roads in good condition or fuck them all up, just give us all some consistency!

Yes it costs money to maintain the roads, and yes it might only save a few lives, but do we really have to wait for deaths before we do something? Are preventative measures not acceptable these days, can the budget not cope and are there acceptable losses? I’m not going to try the “what if it were your kids/parents/brothers that got killed because of a pothole, because you clearly don’t give a fuck about them. But with your limited imagination, try to picture a police officer going to a house and telling a spouse, “Oh yeah they died because it was going to cost £2,000 to erect the traffic lights and get the workers to fill that hole”. Plus you hear rumours about how the budget is maintained, you know, just near the end of whatever deranged year they work to, they suddenly spank the money like there’s no tomorrow. Because? Because otherwise they can’t ask for more next year…what the fuck is going on here?!? Are there not surely more roads year on year? Are there not more vehicles using these roads year on year? Is some backwards inbred fuckwit making all the decisions year on year? Someone higher up making these decisions that’s so distanced from the reality, that they probably don’t know what a road is actually made of?

And YES roadcraft supporters, I was riding within the speed limit (60mph) and ‘appropriately for the conditions’, or at least to the point to make it worthwhile riding a vehicle, and not running really fast. But think about it, really think about it – there are two main types of people using a stretch of road, locals and non-locals. Locals will get used to the bumps, and strangely they’ll be going to work and don’t really want to stop and record location and depths of these craters. Then you’ve got the non-locals, it’s not their regular area and therefore not their problem, so they won’t be reporting them either. So who does that leave us with? Who can do something? Maybe, just maybe the people actually working for the council? They travel the roads all the time, funded by us AND themselves.

If I was in control of the council, I would create a simple test. On the way to the interview, I would place put several bricks and blocks on the road that they would would use. If they picked them up, the job would virtually be there’s. If they didn’t however, they could just fuck off and work for the private sector, where people give more of a shit for their income and displaying it, than the greater good of their fellow humans. I heard on the radio in February 2013 that insurance claims for vehicle damage BECAUSE of the poor road quality was on the increase. Ponder that for a minute, before you carry on with your selfish life.

Here it is, if anyone is bothered: