I admit this may be an unusual situation, but just wanted 2 replacement T-legs from Ikea – a simply requirement considering they sell them separately on their website. So on the 12th August 2013 I contacted them with this:

Easy question, but Article Number : 200.569.15 (T-Legs), can they be pulled apart or are they fixed in a  T  position?

Reason being is that I wanted to collect them on the motorcycle using a rucksack, as it’s easier/quicker – life is about saving time right?

By the 17th August 2013 they graced me with a response:

Unfortunately the GALANT T-Legs are fixed in the T position and cannot be separated.

By chance, I then found a friend had some, had a look and found two screws on the base – so they could be taken apart. I’m afraid sarcasm took over and I responded to their email with this:

I’m so glad you know your products so well. In fact by chance I got hold of some Galant T-legs and you wouldn’t believe it, there’s actually two screws on the bottom of the legs. These have  ‘threads’ and can actually be un-done with an “allen key”, this results in the leg being separated into two pieces – contradicting your professional advice. Having recently experienced the poorest in website and customer services from Ikea, your the lack of knowledge about the products your employer sells, is of no surprise to me. 

This sarcasm was motivated by this fact. Their website claimed there was over 120 units available at Lakeside. I did the 80 mile round trip and a member of staff said there wasn’t – wasted journey. Even the day after, the website still claims there’s still well 119. I can’t contact the store directly, ‘live chat’ is rarely available, and emails are answered when they feel like it (probably poorly treated employees, or a lack of them).

So other than go elsewhere, what am I supposed to do? Anyway, thought I’d share this with the world.