High Speed Rail networkI’m all in favour of Birmingham to have greater access to the jewel of income that is London, but is it me that thinks this investment is only going to be utilised by those least in need? I could be wrong, but most jobs carried out by the 70 million or so occupants of the United Kingdom are fairly basic, or work ‘by hand’. So your average teenager is not likely to take the train to London only to work at MacDonalds, and even if you were able to get an office job, it will have to be very well paid in order to make enough money after travel expenses.

So hold on, keep open minded, the greater access to the capital could allow Northern/Midlands business owners to have more convenient and all important meetings, thus providing more work to employees. That’s a pretty desperate attempt to justify such an enormous cost to the TAX paying residents, perhaps put to better use elsewhere. May be it should be spent overhauling the Midlands, improving security and making Birmingham a more appealing place to live or work. More education to reduce accidental pregnancies (to protect unemployed numbers), better facilities to keep teenagers occupied and out of trouble and I’m guessing the £40 billion could go towards ‘prettying’ the place up a little. Who knows though, perhaps the average weather is just never going to make the place appealing, I’ve only been there a few times so I’m hardly in a position to perceive what’s best for the area.

Any massive investment by the TAX payer should naturally see some return, and after 4 previously failed attempts to have the HS2 project put in place, there must be some doubt by those that make decisions on behalf of us all. Wider roads make sense (not to say I’m in favour), because more drivers can populate the road, leading to more road TAX and less time spent on the road and more time spent in offices making money for everyone.

I think the most important aspect of life is to minimise commute time and increase quality time with the people closest to you, if you have them. Of course a high speed line will do this, but it will only benefit those who have made it enough, and if they have, surely they’d just move closer to their daily pot of money?