Random thought time, about the universe and dark matter.

I’m explaining this in several ways, so be patient – this is all a complete theory of mine which I just wanted to write down so that it could be proved wrong(!).

What if the black holes that have been proven to exist, relate to the big bang theory? Perhaps instead of unimaginable heat producing the big bang and then followed by inflation, it was the resulting energy of whatever might be on the other side of black holes, becoming inside out. Is there a small chance that time/mass in the universe expands to as far as it can go, but that the inevitable demise of large masses which go onto form black holes, are the return to another area that a universe can exist. May be think of two potential universes, both in each end of the bulge of an egg timer. Instead of the sand moving slowly from one end to the other, perhaps the pinch point (the narrowest section) is what we perceive as the big bang. So instead of the sand slowly moving through it, it explodes through and thereby creates ‘a’ universe. Black holes could be parts of a universe returning to the other potential universe via the same narrowing, only they are prevented from doing so because of forces on the other side, an anti-universe power. Perhaps the void which could have a universe is┬áthe complete opposite of ours and has dots of ‘exit holes’ of the black holes, in which an environment with no gravity, perhaps not even time exists, has small dots of gravity/time – the reverse of our current perceived universe in which we have time/mass.

Perhaps even dark matter doesn’t exist in this universe, and exists in ‘the other’ universe which could be overlaid over our own, so while it doesn’t exist to us and cannot be detected, it is present but in a secondary time

Tidied up thoughts:

So by this theory, our current universe is stable, but has time/space being sucked through black holes towards a singularity. They cannot push passed the singularity (where another time exists) as the forces of even combined black holes isn’t enough to get through (due to the anti-universe on the other side pushing against them). As time continues forward in our universe, an increasing number of blackholes exist, gradually they all completely absorb the mass/time of our universe. When this occurs, the strength of time and gravity is too much at the point of the singularity and this creates an explosion of time/mass which then creates another universe.

It could be that universes have always occurred, but they simply expand, contract (via black holes) and turn inside out to form another. Like a balloon being blown up, but then having the air sucked out to the point where the balloon becomes inside out and then re-blown up.

Also, I wonder if an expansion of time can cause energy in the form of heat? That might also be the source of the strength of the big bang. Strange that the universe seems to be the same temperature throughout, but that also (I believe), each galaxy has a black hole at it’s centre.

I only think of this as I’m watching another ‘bloated with filler’ BBC programme about the Big Bang Theory and ‘Dark Flow’. I do wish there were two versions of these kind of programmes, one to get the young or those that are normally comfortable with Eastenders, and another compacted version with only fact or the latest theory…probably only consisting of 5 minutes of real content. I’m getting really bored watching repeated video edits of say, a professor walking slowly, or some weird camera lense being used on someone far more intelligent than most viewers (myself included of course).



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