Dear Drivers,

We’ve had a good winter season this year, like every other year you’ve been kind to me by moving over and I’ve always said thank you (unless it’s raining and I need to focus). I never screamed passed you, frightening you in the process and more often than not, you checked your mirror. I thank you for both not hurting me and avoided us both being involved in a lengthy insurance claim where the only winners were the legal people. Sure we’ve had our moments when you pulled out in front of me, likewise I made the odd mistake too – we’re all only human and life has it’s distractions. If I ever saw a ‘Think Bike’ sticker in your back window, I’ve always given you a nod or just a thumbs up…even when that sticker was located in such a way that your rear visibility was hugely restricted. I do thank you for that odd time when I broke down, and without knowing me at all, you asked if I was OK and needed help. 99.7% of you are great, and we’re getting on nicely.

Fair Weather Riders motorcyclingI’m writing to ask a small favour and I hope you’ll oblige. I have some colleagues called ‘Fair Weather Riders’ which will be arriving in their droves to our roads around about now. If you can, please take into account they’ve not been riding since last year and might be a bit rusty. They’ve been sitting in a safe car for the winter, probably behind you in yet another traffic jam, but now they’re out and making up for it. They will likely be in groups at the weekend and perhaps a warm evening during the week, roaring passed you as loud as they can. They’ll overtake where it’s best not too, and ride so close to the back of your car, they may as well attach a tow rope to save fuel. They’re going to push in between you and the driver in front, or run wide on corners they didn’t quite read correctly. They need their concentration so much that they’ll forget to thank you for moving over or for any kind gesture you might make.

Despite their initial failings, please be patient for the next few months and be assured they’ll only be around until September, October at the latest. I’ll be around too, I’ll be blending in with my colleagues but I’ll always be here.

All the best,

That Biker