mzdcwkjfhnn9c56swi73I woke up disturbingly early today, around 6am, after suffering with a number of temporary¬†aliments, and heard Jim on Radio 4. Yes, a channel normally for the ‘mature’ listener, but more interesting than hearing about the latest X-Factor winner.

I like his general attitude towards religion, for the simple reason that he respects others opinion and just conveys his own. I’m personally not a ‘believer’ of anything, for my own reasons, but I’m also not a person that hangs on the every word of a specific group or an individual – I just take what I agree with, and I agree with an awful lot of what Jim says.

Anyway, don’t listen to me, listen to him and see what you think, program info:

Sunday, Presented by Edward Stourton (16th December 2012)

Programme description (extracted from the BBC website): Theoretical physicist and author Jim Al-Khalili is the new President of the British Humanist Association. Edward finds out why despite descending from an Iraqi Ayatollah and being raised by a Christian mother and Muslim father, he has been a humanist since his teenage years.

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